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Did you know that?

Oral health is sometimes neglected by students.

A move or any major change in your life has meant that you haven’t seen the dentist for a while? You are not alone, make an appointment and we will help you regain control.

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Examination and cleaning

Prevention is the best way to ensure the maintenance of your oral health. The number of visits required each year may vary depending on your condition, but we generally recommend two visits per year for optimal follow-up. During these visits, we will collect data on the dental and periodontal condition of your mouth and we will guide you, if necessary, towards the best treatment available.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can lead to several complications such as periodontal problems, damage to adjacent teeth, tooth decay, and the development of cysts and tumors. To avoid such complications, it is often recommended to extract them. The best age for extraction is between 16 and 25, when the roots are not fully formed and the bone has a lower density.

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Teeth whitening

During your dental examination, mention that you are interested in whitening. We will make sure that there are no contraindications that apply to you (age, pregnancy, prior restoration to be done). We can then explain the two whitening techniques that our clinic offers, chair whitening or home whitening, as well as the duration and costs associated with each of them.


You may very well have access to dental insurance with your educational institution ( or even your parents’ dental insurance. Inquire before your first visit to have in your possession the necessary information at the time of payment.