Our Services

We are committed to providing quality dental care to all of our patients. Our team of experienced dental professionals are committed to ensuring that you receive the best treatment possible, tailored to your needs. From preventative exams to advanced treatments, we’re here to help you maintain optimal oral health and get the smile you deserve. Discover our full range of dental care and let us help you maintain healthy teeth.

Image représentant la dentisterie générale, mettant en avant les services de soins dentaires de base.

Examination and cleaning

Prevention is the best way to maintain your oral health. The number of visits each year may vary depending on your condition, but we generally recommend two visits per year, for optimal follow-up. During these visits, we will collect data on the dental and periodontal condition of your mouth and we will guide you, if necessary, towards the best treatment available.

Image d'une obturation dentaire montrant le matériel utilisé pour remplir une cavité dentaire.

Operative dentistry (fillings)

An intervention aimed at restoring one or more damaged teeth, in particular by dental caries or by a defective filling, may prove necessary. A diagnosis for such an intervention is usually made during a complete dental examination carried out during a cleaning or during a visit for an emergency examination.

Image représentant la radiographie numérique utilisée pour les diagnostics dentaires.


Our chairside digital x-ray system allows us to take intraoral x-rays right in the operating room. This technology is advantageous because it is very fast. It also creates fewer x-rays than traditional x-rays. By comparison, the radiation exposure from an intraoral x-ray is less than that received from daily natural ambient radiation.

Image représentant la restauration esthétique des dents.

Aesthetic restoration

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? We can help you. Whether for veneers or whitening, our attention to detail and our passion for the aesthetics of the smile allow us to offer you the best.

Image représentant un traitement de canal, montrant la procédure de nettoyage et de remplissage des canaux radiculaires.

Treatment of a canal

In certain situations (large caries, dental trauma), root canal treatment is the option of choice to preserve the tooth. A root canal treatment involves the disinfection and restoration of the inner portion of your tooth.

Image représentant une extraction dentaire, illustrant la procédure de retrait d'une dent.

Dental extraction

We will do everything we can to restore your teeth. When it is not possible to do so, we must opt ​​for tooth extraction. Our dental surgeon training and our expertise allow us to offer you this service.

Image représentant un implant dentaire, montrant le processus de pose d'un implant pour remplacer une dent manquante.

Dental implant

When the tooth is too damaged and must be extracted, it is possible to turn to the dental implant. Dental implants have proven to be an excellent choice for replacing missing teeth.

Image représentant une greffe gingivale, illustrant la procédure de réparation des gencives.

Gum graft

In some situations, a gum graft is necessary. This is particularly the case following a loosening of the gums which continues to progress.

Image représentant les urgences dentaires, montrant l'importance de recevoir des soins rapides en cas de problème dentaire.

Dental emergencies

Are you concerned about a particular problem with your mouth? Do you have a sensitive or broken tooth? Do you have any other pain in your mouth? Call us and we will do our best to receive you quickly and relieve you.

Vue détaillée d'une plaque occlusale utilisée en dentisterie.

Bite plate

The occlusal plate is an acrylic appliance, which is worn day and/or night, which prevents the upper teeth from coming into contact with the lower teeth. It attaches to the chewing surface of the teeth of the lower or upper jaw, and allows you to bite on the plate rather than on the teeth. The occlusal plate is often recommended when the teeth show wear (bruxism) or when there is pain in the jaw (TMJ).

Image représentant la technologie CEREC utilisée au Centre dentaire Ste-Foy.

Ceramic crown

Cerec technology allows us to reconstruct a ceramic tooth in one session. The Primescan device also allows us to take the three-dimensional impression digitally, which is much faster and more pleasant for the patient. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology in this field.