Dental Emergencies

There are several dental emergencies that require consultation as soon as possible. We can offer you an appointment quickly to relieve you and determine the appropriate treatment.

Broken or cracked teeth

When a tooth is broken due to injury or trauma, it is important to act quickly. Make an appointment without delay to maximize the chances of treatment success.

Broken prosthesis

If your denture breaks or is damaged, it may cause discomfort or difficulty eating. The dentist can examine your prosthesis and adjust it or suggest its replacement if necessary.


An abscess is a pocket of pus that can form due to an infection in the tooth or gums. The dentist will examine the area and may drain the abscess, prescribe antibiotics, or recommend performing a root canal to treat the infection.

Mouth or jaw injury

Trauma to the mouth or jaw can cause a range of problems, such as broken teeth, dislocated jaws, or cuts to the mouth. The dentist will examine the area and may recommend the appropriate treatment, including an extraction or prescribe antibiotics and/or painkillers, depending on the severity of the problem.

Fallen filling or crown

When a filling or crown falls out, it can expose the tooth to bacteria and cause sensitivity or pain. The dentist will examine the tooth and may recommend replacing the filling or the crown. He can also recommend other treatments if necessary to reduce your pain.


A toothache can be caused by a variety of issues, such as decay, infection, a cracked tooth, or dentinal sensitivity. The dentist will examine the tooth to determine the underlying cause of the pain and may recommend a filling, crown, root canal treatment, extraction or other treatment depending on the severity of the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental emergency is a problem that requires immediate attention to relieve severe pain, stop bleeding, or save a tooth. These can include broken teeth, toothaches, gum pain, abscesses, lost fillings or crowns, broken dentures, orthodontic problems, or trauma to the mouth or jaw.

It is important to seek help as soon as possible in the event of a dental emergency. Delaying treatment can increase the risk of complications and make the situation worse.

We recommend that you call our dental clinic before you come to ensure that we can respond to your emergency. We will do our best to provide you with an emergency appointment the same day.

Maintaining good oral hygiene, wearing a mouth guard while performing certain physical activities, avoiding chewing hard foods or ice, and seeing your dentist regularly for checkups can help prevent dental emergencies.

Recovery time may vary depending on the severity of the emergency and the treatment required. Our dental team will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions to promote a quick and smooth recovery.

If you are in severe pain or have suffered a head injury, it is recommended that someone else drive you to the dental clinic or call emergency medical assistance.

Most dental insurance plans cover emergency dental care. Our team can help you and ensure that you receive the care you need in a timely manner.