The Benefits of Daily Use of Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes

In a world where oral hygiene plays a paramount role in overall well-being, the importance of interdental hygiene cannot be underestimated. While regular tooth brushing is a well-established practice in our daily routines, the use of dental floss and interdental brushes remains, for many, a neglected or misunderstood step. Yet, these tools play a crucial role in preventing dental diseases and significantly contribute to maintaining a healthy and clean mouth.

Benefits of Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes

Effective Removal of Dental Plaque:

Dental floss and interdental brushes are designed to access the tight spaces between teeth, where traditional toothbrushes cannot reach. By removing dental plaque from these areas, they prevent the formation of tartar, thereby reducing the risk of cavities and periodontal diseases.

Prevention of Gingivitis:

Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, is often the result of plaque accumulation along the gum line. Daily use of dental floss and interdental brushes removes this plaque, preventing inflammation and its associated discomforts.

Refreshed Breath:

Food particles stuck between teeth can decompose and produce unpleasant odors. By regularly removing them, dental floss and interdental brushes help maintain fresh breath.

Contribution to Overall Health:

An increasing number of studies show a link between oral health and overall health. Good interdental hygiene can therefore have positive repercussions on your overall health, notably reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Usage Tips

Dental Floss: Use about 18 inches of floss, winding most of it around your middle fingers, leaving a few inches to work with. Gently insert the floss between the teeth, curving it into a C shape around each tooth and sliding it gently into the space below the gumline.

Interdental Brushes: Choose a size that fits your interdental spaces. Gently insert the brush between your teeth and make back-and-forth motions. Do not use excessive force to avoid injuring your gums.

Refuting Misconceptions

Dental floss causes spaces between teeth: False. Dental floss removes plaque and food debris without altering the interdental space.

Interdental brushes are difficult to use: False. With a little practice, their use becomes quick and efficient.


Adopting a daily routine that includes the use of dental floss and interdental brushes is essential for maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Not only do these tools prevent dental diseases and contribute to better overall health, but they also ensure fresh breath and a radiant smile. Let’s encourage each other to integrate these practices into our daily lives for lasting well-being.

This article aims to enlighten students, young professionals, and the elderly concerned about their oral hygiene on the undeniable benefits of daily use of dental floss and interdental brushes. Integrating these tools into your routine represents not just a step towards a healthier mouth, but also towards better overall health. With practical usage tips and debunking common misconceptions, we hope to facilitate this integration.